Last few weeks, I read more books. I decided to list down and take a little overview of the books. Pyongyan A Journey in North Korea After I finish reading Burma Chronicle, I pick up Pyongyang A Journey in North Korea. It’s another travel log book by Guy Delisle. I like Burma Chronicle more than […]

Burma Chronicles

Since the virus things getting started lots of people are sharing free ebook links. Some are pirate links and some are official. I followed the NDSP Books page on Facebook. They shared free PDF books to download on their Facebook Page. One of them is Burma Chronicles and it was translated in Burmese. I know […]

Dotfiles of the Universe

I always wanted to automate all my configuration and setup. But, haven’t done it. Today, I was checking how other people are automating their setup. Found out, others use dotfiles. That’s exactly what I wanted to do. So, I created my own dotfiles configuration and publish to Github. Vim Configuration For now, I am automating […]

Learning Vim

I know the basics of Vim. Like how to move around and stuff. But, I never try as my main editor. But, in the past few days, I wanted to try Vim as my main editor. [ yep this happened when my MacBook pro was so heated when I run the unit tests and I […]

Meaning of Life

ဒီ YouTube က video လေးကြိုက်လို့ sub-title ကိုပြန်ပြီးတော့ Article အနေဖြင့်ရေးထားလိုက်တယ်။ YouTube ကြည့်နေရင်းနှင့် Lost ဖြစ်တဲ့သူတွေလည်း ဖတ်လို့ရအောင်ပေါ့။ There’s a true story about the student who showed up late to math class. He copied the problem that was already written on the board, assuming it was homework, and solved it that week. Only afterward did he find out the […]