Don’t lock up

Lock up

I just finished a course on May 30, 2021. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies. It’s really amazing and I am happy because I take this course. It’s totally new different concept and it’s amazing. I think this is the future of the currency.

Around 2013/2014, I am working at Pytheas. My seniors are talking about cryptocurrencies. Especially about the Bitcoin. That time, my knowledge is not there to think about or rather give a read about those. I was struggling with my programming.

Times goes on and I saw about crypto here and there. But, I don’t really care and continue on my day-to-day job and studying my programming stuff. All of sudden in 2021 May 30. I take the crypto course and I am like why I don’t read or do a bit of research on my own on those topics?

That’s what makes me think. There are lots of other stuff that we don’t know. When friends or family members talk about those, we don’t really care. Since we don’t know what’s or how it’s important. Another interesting stuff is they don’t really know as well.

Now, I am in my 27. I have been thinking about my past, most of my adult life (since over 18 years old) is focusing on my job. In my case, it’s programming/software engineering. I have been learning all things related to my job. After I finish up the course on “An Introduction to Digital Currencies”. I have been thinking to learn or give a bit more time to learn that’s not related to my current job. Thing likes economic, philosophy, finance, etc…

There are things that I feel I support to know and I don’t really know. I feel like it’s a lock-up state to me. Have you ever feel that way?

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