Day 2: Linux CLI tools

While I am learning about Linux CLI tooling, I found this Github repo name called Bash-Oneliner from hackernews. It’s a collection of handy Bash One-Liners and terminal tricks for data processing and Linux system maintenance. There is another website I found out from that hacker news post comments call effective-shell. I check those real quick and so far there are a few things that I did not know. I am planning to give more time later when I finish this course. For now, let’s start…

Here are the things that I learned on Day 2

More practice on sed and awk with labs. Learn the following lists of file manipulation utilities.

  • sort (Sort files)
  • uniq (look at a file and remove duplicate lines and replace them with single lines)
  • paste
  • join
  • split (split up the file into smaller pieces)

The combination of paste, join and split is interesting. strings is also an interesting one, it is used to extract all printable character strings found in the file. It’s used mostly for locating human-readable content embedded in binary files. I have leaned tr/tee/wc and cut command as well. cut command is not the same as cat command.

Today, I learned quite a lot of file manipulation utility commands. I haven’t used most of them in the past, but I can think of real-world use cases while learning the commands. I will try to use them, in the future.

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