Getting AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certificate

I got my first AWS Certificate with a week of study and it’s not really a good idea (because 1 week is a bit rush, mostly studying the whole week with the fulltime). But, here is how I achieve it. I watch the courses from freecodecamp and also bought Stephane course from Udemy. My first few days are mostly studying about the course from the freecodecamp. It take me 2 days to finish the 15 hours course.

First Part

There is a second part, which I did notice later.

Second Part

After I finish up the course, I take the practice exam from the For the first time attempt, mostly I got around 60%. But, the explanation from the tutorial dojo exam are really great. If I feel weak on some subjects, I go and watch Stephane course from Udemy on that particular subject.

If you plan to take the exam without practicing the tutorialdojo practice exam. I would suggest you to re-schedule and practice them first. When you practice the exam, don’t forget to make sure you understand why particular answer you selected is wrong as well. Don’t look for the answer only!

Overall, it’s really great experience. If I take around 2 weeks it will be a bit more relax. For 1 week I feel a bit rush. And I think the courses I take from the Coursera also help on this. (I take the Coursera courses in last 1/2 months.)

I hope this help for your exam preparation. Now, I am preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. This time a bit different, I will take Stephane course from udemy and will review back the topic with Freecodecamp. And of course, I am practicing the exam from the tutorialdojo!

My goal for 2020 is to get all the associate level certificates from AWS. If I can do it, you can too. Let’s get the certificates.

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