Day 1: Linux CLI tools

Today, I am learning Linux Tools for Developers from Linux Foundation. I know a few Linux CLI tools and use them day to day. I also know that there are tools that I don’t even know exist and if I know them and use it will be way faster for my workflow. That’s why I started attending this course. I am writing down the list of tools that I learned from the course so I can take a check later. Hope to be useful to some of my blog’s readers who are interested in Linux CLI tools. Let’s start the day 1 learning…

$ find | locate

Use for locating files based on their properties, including name

find [location] [criteria] [actions]

I know to find and have used in some. But, I did not know there got $ locate

$ grep

Use for searching files for patterns and print out matches according to specified options

grep "something" file.txt

$ sed

sed stands for stream editor. Use to make substitutions and other modifications in files and in streamed output. This is very useful especially when you have to automate the configuration automation. I have used this here and there.

cat file | sed s/pig/cow/ > newfile

$ cat | tac

cat means concatenating. It’s used to read and print files. But do you know there got tac which is reverse the name of cat and it’s exactly reverse. I did know cat is use for reading files. But, you can create a file and write it there using cat with the following command.

$ cat > newfile #(Click enter and write inside the file and CTR + D to exit and save)

$ head | tail

That’s for today’s learning. I have been using sed in the past, but haven’t really practiced instead checking quick workaround tutorials and solving problems. Today, I learn more about sed and other tools I mention above with labs.

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