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I was reading an article from Hackernews call I miss Microsoft Encarta. I instantly remember using that. Man, Encarta was a gold when I start using the computer. I started using computer at the age of 16. After I finish up the matriculation exam I am allow to use the computer. At that time, in Myanmar it’s really hard to get access of internet. Yep, also computer. But, I am lucky. I live with my relatives and they has the very old computer. And they started allow me to use.

It’s on window XP. I started learning typing from my sister. She show me some software for typing. She use to buy quite a lots of how to use internet and computer books quite a lot. I read every single one of them and later I tech her back.

At that time, internet is really hard to get access. There are quite a lots of pirate software shops all around Yangon. I use to go to those shops and ask them what I want to learn and is there any software for that. They explain me pretty well and of course at the end I end up buying quite a lots of CD-ROM software.

From those software, I remember Encarta is one of my favourite. I got a lots of knowledge from that software. I can read English articles from there so I got more confident in my English. I use to search countries and play their national anthem musics. I go to the sport section and use to check some of the sports that I never know exist. It was real mind blowing for me.

Later, when I start learning about web development. One of my first website is kind of like a Zoo. You can click the animal types and go inside each one of them and you can read about the animal and you can play the sound of the animal etc… And I got those from the Encarta. Thanks Encarta.

If you have a children and had old laptop. Please install window, install Encarta and let them explore. And hey, now-days you don’t need to go to CD-ROM software shops. Just go to internet archive and filter subject as Education and meda type as software. There are lots of Educational software for your kids. Now, you can help create Learning Environment for your kids.

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  1. thethtun says:

    Yes. Encarta!, one of my favourites in Microsoft PC era. I had lots of fun with it. I don’t remember much of what I used. A few memories recalled… I remember using it to visit Egypt Pyramid. It had awesome 3D view, the experience was much like that of Google Map. I also remember searching for adults content. Since it had something about everything I tried to look for, I thought something might come up if i used the right keyword. Stupid me, nothing showed up ?. Good old times. An amazing piece of software before the dawn of Internet in Myanmar.

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