God’s Army

Today, I was reading an article from New York Times. Which is about the Burma God’s Army. You can read article at https://nyti.ms/36YLFy8

I read at around this morning. And I keep thinking about it until bedtime. The article is about two young children twins, know them as God’s Army leader. The story started from before they born and their current condition. You should go read the article. It’s very interesting though.

It make me think so many things.

After I finish reading the article, I go and check on YouTube with the search string as Burma God’s Army. Watch a few of them. And I started thinking. What I am not sure is, is this their parents planned? That’s why they told some fake dream shits and spread? It’s possible though. Because, these twin brothers’s parents selling stuff that make bullet.

Another one I started thinking is why people believe so easily? Because , they are not educated?

God Army is not the only one in that region of state. I saw some news about a guy who himself got educated and everyone in their village believe him as a god. And he is the religious for them. (It’s kind of like a story. But it’s reality)

And them, I somehow started thinking about my own religious and all kind of stuff.

Still thinking and wondering…

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