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I decided not to use social media, again! I have done this in the past, but I have returned to normal social usage. But, this time I have decided not to use social media without any emergency cases. I removed all social media apps from my devices but I will use Linkedin and Reddit with the time limit via the browser. Now, whenever I pick up the phone or tablet I have no idea what to do with it. It’s very awkward. The only app that I use after social apps is YouTube. I checked through YouTube and nothing that much excites me to watch. I remember there got lists of awesome talks on Github and I decided to watch “Cory House – Becoming an Outlier: Career Reboot for the Developer Mind” talk. It’s the following video…

I have watched this talk in the past. But, I don’t remember very clearly. I re-watched the talk and slowly remembers things.

After watching the talk, I decided to use Hackernews and my blog as my alternative to my social media. If you are wondering, that’s why I am very active on the blog. The idea of updating my blog get from this blog post which I found on Hackernews. After checking all those listed blogs in the article, I feel like I need to update my blog. I decided to stay on WordPress. I am exploring the minimal blog themes and found this theme call Less Reloaded on Github. I decided to use it and start modifying the theme. For the articles page, I decided to show the title only. I added the estimated reading time and published time of the article. I was having difficulties deciding should I add the reader device battery status or not. I decided not to add it, but I do add the user’s local time under the blog’s navigation menu. The reason is sometimes we lost track of our time while exploring the internet. Having it, I hope it will help the readers to keep track of their time while checking my blog. I do add the favicon icon as a planet (?). Of course, the blog footer without the year!

Okay, you updated your blog. Now what?

I will be more active on my blog. If you subscribed to my blog, you will see more content. If you still haven’t you can subscribe in the following…

I will be posting more about things that I learn. About my life. Things that inspired me. About books. About projects that I am working on. At this point, the blog contents will be very random. If it’s not what you are interested in, you can unsubscribe from the email list as well. I hope to catch up with you in my next blog post!

The following is the list of blogs that I inspired when working on this custom new blog (theme)…

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