A Trip to Hua Hin

I am not a beach person. I like mountains and forests more than the beach. But, Hua Hin is near Bangkok and the cost is not that much. So, we decided to go there on 2 days trip.

It’s 3 of us, we go there by bus. We are checking and deciding bus or train. But eventually, we chose the bus to get more time at Hua Hin. The trip begins from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Eastern) near Ekkamai BTS Station. It’s one-stop away from my place. It’s all convenient. The bus fees cost 200 Bahts per person. Take us around 2/3 hours to go there by bus.

For the stay, we are planning to explore near the bus station and walk into the hotel. But, when we arrived in Hua Hin, it was raining. So, we don’t have a choice but to choose a hotel and explore the city when the rain stop. We check hotels on google map and choose to stay at Baan Pattamaporn (บ้านปัทมพร). On the map, it was pretty near the beach and the price is reasonable. Later we found out it was a mistake. We should look for a hotel near the bus station.

After settling for the stay, we come back near the bus station and explore the city by walking. Along the way, a lovely dog comes along with us for like 30 minutes (I miss my dog). For the arrival day, nothing special. We explore the city and eat seafood. We rented 2 motorbikes. Each cost us 200 Bahts per day. I would suggest you rent a motorbike immediately when you arrive at Hua Hin. It’s more convenient for your travel. I would also give the advice on looking for a hotel near the bus station as well. Our is a little far.

The next day, we are going to Pran Buri Forest Park. The roads are clean and beautiful. Next time, if I plan to visit there, I will sure stay around there for 1 or 2 nights. I really love exploring with the motorcycle. It’s more fun. We eat lunch on the way back to the city and check in at some coffee shops. We explore the night market when we are back. We do explore the beach near our hotel. (We did not like the beach that much)

The next day, we eat our breakfast and return the motorcycles. We take a bus and return to Bangkok. It’s not bad exploring with little cost. Like I said above if I have to visit there next time I would stay near Pran Buri Forest Park and rent a bike to explore nature.

The following are the lists of restaurants that we tried on our trip.

Don’t forget to bring suncream and a long shirt to cover your sunburn when you ride the motorcycle.

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