Monkey mind

Every once in a while, we do procrastinate. It’s a bit too frequent for me sometime. I was procrastinated last week on YouTube, watching some random videos that YouTube algorithm recommended to me. It’s the Ted Talk video that I watched over a year ago or so. I immediately click and watch the video.

If you are thinking about this video might be about procrastination. Then you are right. It’s talking about the procrastination. He talk about his experience on procrastination with the jokes. It’s really fun to watch. He is referring procrastination as monkey. But, this monkey only scare of deadline and public shame. For example, you promise to give a talk at the end of the month or something like that. But, you still do other stuff rather than preparing for the talk until the deadline is really close. That’s the only one monkey scare, right? You should watch the talk by yourself, the talk is really fun.

After watching this talk, I got another video suggestion. Oh yeah, my monkey mind ask me to click the another YouTube recommended video via Ted talk which talk about breaking down the big ambitious goal into smaller one and try to achieve those by doing consistently. He himself had achieved most of his goals by that method. It’s really very inspiring because he had done the stuff that he talk about. Most of the talks and book in inspiration in my country, the author by himself is nothing and they are giving the advice. Maybe, I come from that background and also from the software engineering side. I really like his idea of breaking the big one to very small one and doing consistently. Watch the following talk if you interest.

I am writing this one for myself to remind and watch the above two videos when my monkey mind controlling me too much. But, hey a little bit of money mind is good as well. Otherwise, I won’t see above two videos.

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