Monkey mind

Every once in a while, we do procrastinate. It’s a bit too frequent for me sometime. I was procrastinated last week on YouTube, watching some random videos that YouTube algorithm recommended to me. It’s the Ted Talk video that I watched over a year ago or so. I immediately click and watch the video. If […]

Learning Environment

I was reading an article from Hackernews call I miss Microsoft Encarta. I instantly remember using that. Man, Encarta was a gold when I start using the computer. I started using computer at the age of 16. After I finish up the matriculation exam I am allow to use the computer. At that time, in […]

God’s Army

Today, I was reading an article from New York Times. Which is about the Burma God’s Army. You can read article at I read at around this morning. And I keep thinking about it until bedtime. The article is about two young children twins, know them as God’s Army leader. The story started from […]

Crush Course Economic

I just finish up crush course economic in last few weeks. Plan to write about how and why I finish the course and it was dragging me with busy. But, today I decided to write about it and here is why and how. Why Don’t you wonder why we use money (which is a piece […]

Consistent and me

These days, I was thinking more and more about consistent. Not sure about others but for me, I start things and stick to it for a few months or year and I had moved to another one quickly. I am figuring out why, but it still blurs. Because I haven’t done the long term. I […]

Running Challenge for 30 days

Last week, I do experiment myself for escaping social media for a week. It was a pretty good experience. I can live without social media. I miss 2 posts from my friends who are getting babe and posting about it on their Facebook, other-than that nothing new. I decided to continue using Twitter. For other […]

Mobile games

I am experimenting with social media free for a week. Today is my 3rd day of the experiment, and I feel pretty good. I feel like I got more times for myself. Ordinarily, I use my phone; and then, of course, going to use social media software like Twitter. And hours and minutes passed, I […]

Escaping social media for a week

Every morning I am checking my phone and tablet constantly and then hours and minutes passed. I do not like it. For that reason, I decided to try out social media free for a week. It began yesterday. I uninstalled all the apps on my phone. And logout from the browsers since I am using […]