The Simple Path to Wealth

Since April/May 2020, I have been interested in economics and investing in general. I attend an economics course from a crash course. I start investing in Crypto and get a few lessons. I forget why I started being interested in Economics in general. Most likely, I got monkey mind and watch random YT videos. I remembered one thing for sure is I wanted to know how the currency works, what’s the role of the central bank, etc… I start watching the Khanacademy, and make me more curious. In this short amount of time, I have been on ups and down. Here in 2022, I am watching Talks at Google and found out about this talk “The Simple Path to Wealth”.

Talks at Google

Of course, I watch his “The Position of Fuck You”. It’s based on the movie called “The Gambler”. I watch the movie as well. Honestly, it’s pretty bad but his “The Position of Fuck You” is pretty sick!

The Position of Fuck You

I start listening to his book. Really love it. Feel like the time I listen to the book and my personal experiences matched. His way is very simple. In short, you just invest in the total stock market index. The book explains why you should not pick individual stocks and why you should invest in the total stock market index. Really simple to read. The message is clear. Must read book for someone who is interested in investing.

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