EP Status check bot (Telegram)

I created an automated EP status check telegram bot. You can check the code on Github. For the last couple of days, I was checking my EP status like every day. I know it will take like 7 days minimum in most cases. But, I still go and check it. On my second day, I notice the MOM EP Status check website does not have a recaptcha. When I realize it, I started working on creating a browser automated command-line tool with Node.

The idea is to fill up the form and submits it. And send the message to me when the status changed from “Pending!” to something else. It was quite straightforward and easy to implement since I have done similar stuff in the past.

Actually, I don’t have a plan to write about this as a blog. But, I am updating my Blog theme and forcing myself to write about it. I hope you don’t mind reading.

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