Coding Puzzles

Collection of tools that I use when I try solving coding puzzles. I will be updating regularly base on my explorations.

Leetcode, I am trying to solve a minimum of one problem a day. I will try to consistent as I can. The last time I was training at codewars, I remember it improved my Javascript Skill. This time at leetcode more on Go, Python, and Javascript.

Neetcode I will finish this list in Go, Python, and Javascript before the end of 2023.

My daily Leetcode solution and lessons that I learned. Things that I need to improve. Listed everything inside the readme of this GitHub. Currently, the repository is private.


I will add more and more resources here for me to take reference in the future…

Leetcode related YouTube

Useful Tools

  • I love to Visualize the execution flow and see. I am using vscode debugger as well. Make it easier for me to understand.


  • Data Structures I need to refresh. Some of them are not in use previously.

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