Burma Chronicles

Since the virus things getting started lots of people are sharing free ebook links. Some are pirate links and some are official. I followed the NDSP Books page on Facebook. They shared free PDF books to download on their Facebook Page. One of them is Burma Chronicles and it was translated in Burmese. I know this book for the last 3/4 years. But, never read before. So, I suddenly downloaded and start reading.

It’s a graphic novel. The graphic is amazing. I had an interest in graphics as well. But, never study detail. I hope to study one day haha. Anyway, let’s talk about the book. It’s a story of the author who comes to Burma with his wife and young son. It’ like a travel log. Lots of humor and you will learn a lot about Burma if you are a foreigner. As a Burmese, I feel very funny and feel like yeah that’s how it’s. There are lots of funny stuff… most of them are true.

In conclusion, you should read this while you still get free access to the book. It’s worth reading while the virus things going. At least, it will make you simile for a moment and will make you ignore the virus thing.

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  1. Brian Ngan says:

    Bro got english version?

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