Running Challenge for 30 days

Last week, I do experiment myself for escaping social media for a week. It was a pretty good experience. I can live without social media. I miss 2 posts from my friends who are getting babe and posting about it on their Facebook, other-than that nothing new. I decided to continue using Twitter. For other social media, I will keep away but I won’t force like last week. But, I think I don’t gonna use that much.

From the benefit side, I got more time for myself. I noticed my procrastination is not because of social media. I read NYTimes news and HN daily. I checked my inbox every single day and clean up the mails. I do exercise more than before.

For this week, I gonna do another challenge, which is running. I will run 5 days a week for 30 days. For 2 days, it’s gonna be my rest days. There is no distance limit because I want to challenge myself for consistency. I will start my challenge today, it’s gonna be ended at 25-May-2020. I will write about the experiment when it is done.

From this experiment, I am hoping to get my flow mode for running. I don’t push so hard and continue to increase distance with the consistent.

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