Consistent and me

These days, I was thinking more and more about consistent. Not sure about others but for me, I start things and stick to it for a few months or year and I had moved to another one quickly. I am figuring out why, but it still blurs. Because I haven’t done the long term.

I am doing small challenges myself and try to push the small changes myself. I think that one helped me. Currently, I am challenging myself for 30 days run. It is on progress but I feel okay to do the challenge. Of course, I feel lazy to go out someday. But, I am alerting myself; “I need to go out”.

The challenge is one of my way to do things consistently. But, if I really think about my consistent the challenges are not a good idea. Instead, I came up with this idea. Write what I want to do in next 1 year. And every day, I write down how I am doing things to achieve this goal. That will make more sense.

I am still learning how to be consistent in the long term. I am reading the Flow and The Art of War. I will see how things go. I will write about this on update posts in the future.

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