Me, music devices and software

I am not sure about others, but for me, good music can make me happy, focus, and can make my moods different. If we talk about music, I must start at a young age. I don’t exactly remember when I start listening to music; however, I know for sure I was young.

My grandfather is unhearing since he was a teenager. But, he can hear with the hearing helper. I remember him using his Sony Walkman cassette player in the old days with his earphones. Sometimes he let me use his Sony Walkman cassette. Music had touched me since then but, I haven’t noticed.

Life goes on and on. I am at high school preparing for the matriculation exam. At that time, my older sister had a Sony CD player walkman. She let me use it. Somedays, I am listening to music and dancing in my room like a crazy young man with that Sony player. I still can feel about it until now, writing this article and smiling to myself.

After matriculation exam results, I start looking for a Job. I attended one programming class and started working as a Programmer. At work, I am always with my earphones; I am an introvert, and I am friends with music.

For music type, I like pop, rock and white noise kinds of music. At work, I listened to music when I need to focus. At home, I listen to music when I want to chill or relax or for no reason sometimes. I even created, which is a mix of white noises and some instrumental only music. I got quite lots of visitors when I start sharing that site. But, later on, a few people only. It’s okay; I am still listening to it.

Recently I am bought a new pair of headphones from Beat; it is a Beat solo pro. It includes noise cancellation, and it is over-ear headphones which means, it can hurt if you put for a very long time. However, I get used to it after a while. It’s worth the price. Now, I can work or read books at home, even my wife watching movies beside my desk. If you are thinking to buy noise cancellation headphones, I highly recommend to buy it as quickly as possible.

For the software, I am using Spotify and YouTube; to listen to the music of my choice. Of course, I am using Tide software on my phone and tablets for Promodo techniques. 

Those are the music devices and software that I am using. I am currently listening to the daily lift music playlist by Spotify while I am writing this article.

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