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I am experimenting with social media free for a week. Today is my 3rd day of the experiment, and I feel pretty good. I feel like I got more times for myself. Ordinarily, I use my phone; and then, of course, going to use social media software like Twitter. And hours and minutes passed, I am still checking. It became like a habit. When I start my experiment, I realize I need to replace my social media apps with something else. So, I chose the mobile games, and in this post, I will talk about those games.

I am not a very heavy game person, but I play some small games. I was checking which kind of games I would like to play and found out the old school games like Super Mario. It was a pretty cool game! I can play on my phone with one hand. If you want to access some area, you need to pay; but for me, it’s still okay. This game will make you remember your childhood, so go download start playing now.

Super Mario run start screen from my phone

The next game I am about to talk about is Rayman Adventures 4+. I play that game on an iPad. It is pretty cool, but it is a running game as well. You might not like the game if you don’t like the running game. The graphic in the games is pretty good. It’s a fun game.

Rayman Adventures games starting screen from my iPad

For those who don’t like playing the running game, you will like SWORDIGO; because it’s an action-adventure game. I play this game on my iPhone 5s. Yes, on my iPhone 5s.

SWORDIGO on my iPhone 5s

Those are the mobile games that I am playing right now. If you are playing something interesting on your mobile, please share it with me in the comment section.

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