What am I doing in the Thingyan holidays?

Every long holiday, I was learning something new. This year with COVID-19, everyone needs to stay at home. The government keeps announcing to stay at home as much as possible. So, it’s more reading and learning for me. But, I sneak out for run sometime because I can’t stay inside the apartment for the whole day. I might be able to if I sleep the whole day.

The holiday is about to finish. I want to remind myself of what’s my target. That’s why I wrote this blog post. Firstly, I plan to write a book. But, I decided not to. And I changed my main target for this holiday to finish Docker in Action book, English Grammar course from Khanacademy and read as much as I can.

Why am I learning English Grammar? I can read books in English. I can write as well (I think). But, when I write in English, my grammars are with mistakes. So, I wanted to improve my English grammar skills. Of course, I learned English grammar in school but not very hard enough. I don’t remember “all parts of speech” ?. So, here I am started learning from the basics. Now, I hope you understand why I learn Grammar and why I keep writing my blog posts in English.

Why reading Docker in Action is my main target? I can dockerize local development and do basic things. But, I knew very basic. Not even good enough to use on my own side project. That’s why I am targeting to finish this book and try to learn from it.

For the reading, I finished reading four books already. Those are Remote, Are your lights on?, A Burmese Novel (နှောင်ကြိုးမဲ့ တွယ်ငြိခြင်း). And the following list is in progress… The Surrender Experiment, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, The 4-Hour Workweek and Docker in Action. I think this is not bad, because like I said earlier I sleep the whole day as well. Oh, I also play Braw Stars sometimes.

That’s my Thingyan holiday plan and I am sticking with it until now. Universe out, you can learn anything. Oops, that’s a joke. If you attend the Grammar course from Khanacademy you will understand the joke. See you next time.

I use Grammarly extension for my day to day Grammar check. Since I am not a paid user, it’s not reliable But, at least it helps. I am still learning English Grammar. If there is a mistake in my post, please help comment out for me.

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