Escaping social media for a week

Every morning I am checking my phone and tablet constantly and then hours and minutes passed. I do not like it. For that reason, I decided to try out social media free for a week.

It began yesterday. I uninstalled all the apps on my phone. And logout from the browsers since I am using Facebook only from my browser on my phone and tablet. I am very impressed with all the social media with their ability to attract the society.

Normally, I am using Twitter as my main social media. Recently, the Twitter app shows likes from people I followed. Kudos to the Twitter team who implemented it. I spent more time on Twitter than before. Then, it started as a habit which I feel really weird.

Instagram is still in my control. Maybe it is because I don’t check that frequently. Facebook is a bit crazy. Since most of my friends are using it, it’s so much time-consuming. Because of that, I am avoiding using the app. Instead, I am using it from the browser. Pinterest and the rest are still okay. But, I avoid using them for this whole week.

I think I will get a clear idea of what to do about my social media usage by this experiment. Today is a day one morning of this experiment. I get up and check my phone and tablets as usual. No social media. I read hacker news, NYT and started writing this blog post, but I feel like it’s early for the Sunday.

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