Don’t lock up

I just finished a course on May 30, 2021. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies. It’s really amazing and I am happy because I take this course. It’s totally new different concept and it’s amazing. I think this is the future of the currency. Around 2013/2014, I am working at Pytheas. My seniors […]

Laravel’s Notification locale issue

I was checking the locale issue on my own application and found out this interesting issue. I am using Laravel’s user preferred locales for the notification translation. But, it keep going with our application default language. It does not use the user’s preferred locales. I keep trying out and testing out. And found out […]

Monkey mind

Every once in a while, we do procrastinate. It’s a bit too frequent for me sometime. I was procrastinated last week on YouTube, watching some random videos that YouTube algorithm recommended to me. It’s the Ted Talk video that I watched over a year ago or so. I immediately click and watch the video. If […]

Learning Environment

I was reading an article from Hackernews call I miss Microsoft Encarta. I instantly remember using that. Man, Encarta was a gold when I start using the computer. I started using computer at the age of 16. After I finish up the matriculation exam I am allow to use the computer. At that time, in […]

God’s Army

Today, I was reading an article from New York Times. Which is about the Burma God’s Army. You can read article at I read at around this morning. And I keep thinking about it until bedtime. The article is about two young children twins, know them as God’s Army leader. The story started from […]