Scrapping jobs from Nodeflair and notifying to Telegram

Nodeflair CLI
Jobs you received to telegram

The code is here.

Motivation? Lots of layoffs and people are looking for a new jobs. Nodeflair is quite popular in SG but I don’t see an option to get notifications like Indeed or other job websites. I am thinking why not try to create a scrapper? Turnout, it’s using JS to render the content. It’s not as straightforward as a typical HTML page. I need to use selenium or puppeteer.

I open up a browser and get elements by XPath. Turn out, my selenium skill is there. LOL

Whenever you run the script you have to provide 3 arguments

python DevOps Singapore 8500

The first one is job type, the second one is Location and the third one is Salary. I am basically checking the following page.

The setup process is quite easy. I updated the process in the readme. When everything is ready, you should be able to set up a corn to send out to you every morning, once a week, or whatever works for you.

I hope this is helpful!

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