Maintenance Cost

I have been creating small websites. The following are a few of them…

  • (this blog)
  • (Burmese blog)
  • (Online converting tools)
  • (Job board website)
  • (I released the domain. But it was on ProductHunt, Japanese News, )
  • (I released this domain as well. It’s like the Unsplash version. But, only used by a few of my friends)
  • (I released this domain. It scrapes the Facebook Images from the Page and shows on the website)

As you see above of them I do sunset as it’s too expensive to maintain the domain and server cost. In the past few months, I have been creating crypto bots to trade, alert, and backtest for me. I have kept adding the servers and the cost is high again.

The following are the costs of servers in the past few years. It’s not that much, but the cost never goes down. It’s up only. For personal pet projects, I think it’s expensive. Those are not included in domain costs.

DO  $1321.68
AWS $217.01

This time, I am moving from DO to AWS to take advantage of AWS free tier. I saw lots of people sharing about t4g.small (2vCPU and 2GB Memory) is free until December 2023.

Moving to a new service provider is not that straightforward. You have to move all your services to the new servers. Some of your old services might not be compatible with the latest software etc… It takes me around 2 days to back up all my services and move to AWS. But this time, I definitely plan for the next move. So, it would be super fast when I need to move to another Free tier service-provided cloud.

My target is less than 20$ for the monthly cost to run all my pet projects. I will keep monitoring the costs and will try to hack if it’s possible to run with a $0 budget.

  • You can check how much you spend on your free tier here.
  • You can check which one is under the free tier here.
  • You can set up your AWS free tier budget here.

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