I created a few charts

Not Financial Advice. I have no idea what I am doing.

I gonna share some of the tools that I created and use to explore the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto Risk Analysis

The first one is https://risk.setkyar.com. Inspired by https://risk.bitstack.se and added more cryptocurrencies to the list. (I am learning more about numpy and panda. Planning to add more charts and analysis. )

There you can check BTC and a few other cryptocurrencies, and some stocks. I am planning to add more in the future. For now, the most accurate one is BTC-USD. For BTC-USD data, I can get it longer. The rest of the crypto data history is pretty short. I am improving this. Hopefully, I can add more crypto data to the dashboard.

I will share how I am using this Crypto Risk Analysis for me to buy the BTC and Sell BTC. In General, I buy when the BTC risk level is below at 0.5 and start selling when it’s above 0.6. But sometimes I sold when it’s above 0.5 and buy less amount when it’s above 0.4.

The followings are the prices & risks of BTC-USD when I was writing…

Price & Risk of BTC-USD
Risk of BTC-USD in colour
The fair value of BTC-USD

In Recession

Another tool I created was this tools I name as recession. You can check it out at https://recession.setkyar.com. It basically show you the different asset prices with recession data. Since Fed increase the interest rate, people are talking about recessions and was curious in recession which kind of asset class are in good. I found out this video by David Lin and that’s how I got an idea to create this chart.

That’s all I have for now. I hope you enjoy reading and playing these few charts.

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