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I’ve always wanted to host setkyar.com on my home computer, but I haven’t had the chance due to my constant moving over the past few years. The places I’ve lived haven’t had stable internet or electricity. However, since moving back to SG last year, I’ve finally had the opportunity to set up my Homelab server—not to host this website, but rather to set up domains like ai.setkyar.com and lab.ygncode.com.

Now, these two domains are hosted on my home server. In the past, attempting something like this would have been a bit troublesome, but now, with tools like Cloudflare Tunnel and Tailscale, it’s much easier. Setting up the server has been really fun, and I wish I had done it sooner. I have lots of ideas for use cases. Essentially, it’s your computer, so you can try out everything you want without worrying about causing trouble to your home or work setups.

You might ask, what’s the difference between a home server and an online server like EC2, where you can provision, test whatever you want, and then delete it? For me, it’s a lab to experiment in. Plus, I can’t connect my hard disk to an EC2 instance.

Currently, I’m using ai.setkyar.com to run a local LLM, and lab.ygncode.com is a blog website where I write in Burmese. I’ll be sharing my experiences with setting up the mini PC, the use cases I’ve explored, and so on.

Overall, this project has been incredibly enjoyable for me. If you’re considering setting up something similar, I highly recommend it.

Mini PC

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