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One of the things that I like about my current job is the constant opportunity to learn something new. My current tech lead asked me if I wanted to take a MongoDB certification, and I agreed. He got a voucher code from MongoDB, and it turned out that I had to take the exam 😁. Last year, I was busy with other tasks and procrastinated in preparing for the MongoDB exam. Eventually, this year I took the exam and passed last week. Before going for the MongoDB exam, I was looking for information on the MongoDB Developer Certificate but found very little. That’s why I decided to write this article.

Firstly, I wanted to know the difficulty of the exam. Based on my experience, it’s somewhere in the middle. If you have experience working with MongoDB, it’s easier. If you’re inexperienced, it might be somewhat difficult. That’s why, I rate the difficulty as intermediate.

Another questions I had was how to prepare for this exam and whether their practice test enough for me to go for exam or not. In short, it’s enough. But in some areas like MongoDB search you better go read their docs. At least for me, the way I do was I study their certification path and do the practice test. If I found out something I don’t know I go check back the video and read the documentation. This one you have to make sure you really understand or not. If you are not very sure better go read the docs and make sure you knew it. At the end of the day you try to learn, to understand things that you feel like you understand and turn out you don’t.

If you want to know about the exam questions, you can try the practice questions and you definitely will knew how’s.

This is how I prepare

A few other things to take note about exam:

If you finish the Developer Path courses from MongoDB University, they will provide you 50% exam voucher. If you are student, you can request them to get 100% exam voucher. You have to take exam from your home. Specifically in a room with no one. You will have to use webcam and screen share your computer. You can’t use extra monitor. You have to show the room. And they request you to show the passport. The exam is from the website. No need any additional software. You have to install one chrome extension to share and monitor.

Overall, that’s how I prepared and these are the things I wish I had known. After completing the exam, I gained an in-depth understanding of topics that I previously thought I knew but actually did not.

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