Using IFTTT to automate SMS notifications

IFTTT dashboard

As someone who frequently travels and uses multiple phone numbers for various online services, I found myself constantly switching SIM cards and struggling to keep track of important SMS notifications, particularly OTPs for banking services. To solve this problem, I turned to IFTTT (If This Then That), an automation app that allows you to set up “if…then” actions for various events and apps.

I had been paying around $10 a month for a Skype number that I rarely used, but IFTTT gave me the idea to switch all my online services that had been using the Skype number back to either my Thai or Singaporean number, depending on which one was accepted by the service. I then set up two Applets on IFTTT: one to send an SMS to my Telegram when a new SMS was received, and another to send a notification to Telegram when the battery on my phone was low.

With IFTTT, I was able to easily automate SMS notifications and eliminate the need for constantly switching SIM cards. Plus, I was able to save money by canceling my Skype subscription. If you’re someone who frequently travels and struggles to keep track of SMS notifications, I highly recommend giving IFTTT a try and exploring the many possibilities it offers.

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