Crash Course Economic

I just finish up crush course economic in last few weeks. Plan to write about how and why I finish the course and it was dragging me with busy. But, today I decided to write about it and here is why and how.


Don’t you wonder why we use money (which is a piece of paper if you really think about it)? I am always wondering how the global and country economy is going throughout especially on this COVID 19 weird things going on. That’s the main reason why I am watching this course.

If you finish up the course, you will understand all those questions. Why there is a central bank in every country and there is a world bank. Why we pay diamonds with lots of money. Why we need to pay taxes to the governments, etc, etc…


Typical learning, nothing special. I just watch the courses when I am back from office and before going to sleep. I watch with 1.5 speeds. And very interesting one is every videos, there is a comment which describe the key objective of the video. So, the comment section is a must read. But, be-careful there are some noises as well.

I think those kind of information is very good to know. If you don’t know about those, it’s not a problem. But, if you know at least it benefits you in some ways.

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